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Hey, I'm Troy

I'm a IT nerd photographer thinking that somewhere between the techie geek and the art lover there has to be a soup brewing with my name floating up to the top.  When I'm not averting a crisis of epic proportions between my two young girls I'm waging a war on behalf of my clients ensuring their ability to conduct business anytime anywhere is never hindered.

Downtime for me involves photo excursions with many hours in post staring at color levels and adjustments to get that photo just right.  I follow several artists such as Trey Ratcliff, Lisa Holloway, Robert Thompson, Ray Collins, and Mike Moats to name a few.  Focusing on Macro and Landscape photography I dabble in portrait work and try to always push myself in new areas.  I embrace the idea of a "forever learner" and am never satisfied with sitting still.

I welcome comments at anytime and strongly encourage people to share their thoughts and opinions.

Best Wishes -